Friday, April 18, 2008

Mobile Laughter

(...) I have been doing the “BY MYSELF” Mobile Laughter too for a while and am suggesting everybody to do it too! Nobody knows who I am talking to… or even if I am actually talking to someone! and it’s a great way to laugh out loud - without anybody looking at me suspiciously! Nowaday I see more and more individuals with a cell phone, laughing! Are they doing Laughter Yoga?!! Who knows! It works for me! In my car, in public places… Why not try it?! Just make sure you don’t interrupt the “laughter conversation” too abruptly!!! Say goodbye before you hang up! hahaha! (and then, look around you if you’re in a public place! you might find smiles!)NamasteLots of love, joy and laughterLinda.

Comment by Linda Leclerc — January 21, 2008 @ 11:16 am

I have been doing this cell phone laughter method for about a year now and it is wonderful. In addition, I recorded a my own ring-tone and it is a clip of my husband and I laughing. Now, when I am in a public place, my phone will start laughing (instead of ringing) and it always causes others to laugh. There are so many simple ways to add laughter to your life!
Comment by Laura Gentry — February 20, 2008 @
1:49 pm

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