Monday, June 16, 2008

Sea Laughter

The idea: Some round stones from the sea or river over the tummy to stimulate natural Laughter.

Development: Take some midium-sized round stones and practice with them over your tummy. Each one with a different colour (paint if you like) and feel the sensations of your Laughter depending of the weight and colour.

Also, you can take smaller stones and put it over your face. The effect is magic! You will see flying and flowing in the River of Laughter.

Put smoothy tiny stones over your brow, cheeks, point of the nose (my favoutite laughter).

Tell me your experience.

Sure you will enjoy with the energy of Laughter Sea!

Laugh with the clouds

Last Spring, in the beauty village of Folgoso de la Ribera (Leon , Spain) I walked through the giant trees and the singing meadows of this magic place and then I lay over the grass.

The wide deep blue sky front my eyes and then I laughed and laughed like a bird, like a breeze, like a sun ray and Heaven and Earth flowed from my heart as if the first instant of Life Universe start in my simple ha he hi hu and all was just and all was true... and all IS love.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stick a Neuron in Your Head and Laugh!

Has work lost its luster for you? Are you bored by small talk … sorry jokes … and repeated redneck opinions of a few recycled workers around you from 9 to 5? Then stick a new neuron in your day and laugh! If nothing else you’ll create a buzz for a new and zesty topic.

The human brain creates new neuron pathways when you try something new… change one routine … which can be as insignificant as driving a new route to work … or laugh at anything or everything you do. Get others laughing too. It’s the opposite of boredom which is brought on by negativity, cynicism or pessimism.

It’s also the enemy of whining or blaming others at work….

Einstein and other geniuses claimed to enjoy the unrealistic aspirations of an optimist … daily… and that triggered their brains in directions of success. It spreads like wildfire when it sparks new neurons in others. Try these laughter tips for the workplace.

Start by modeling one positive behavior in a humorous way and stay with that until you see it take root and build new neuron pathways in one person beyond yourself. As soon as one other person jumps in you have already doubled what I call laughter-neuron effect. Do the math and you’ll see how fast new neuron pathways can blitz new business benefits at your firm.

Whenever we Laugh – especially at ourselves … everything around us lightens up and complex projects suddenly seem doable! We also build new neuron pathways for fun … and if you’re wondering how it works … just watch how it prospers the person with most wit and wisdom where you work.

Humor’s good for business because it release enzymes into the brain and opens new spaces for learning, giving and for enjoying what you do. It’s also good for expansion … because people gravitate to humorous people, and research shows they like to do business with people who can laugh at themselves. New research also links humor to health, happiness and healing…. If people do better work when they laugh… and we can all build new neuron pathways with a bit more wit … what might add a few laughs to your workday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New trends in Laughter Yoga

Filed under: Laughter Yoga Alone — Dr. Madan Kataria

Telephone Conference Laughter Clubs / Laughter Buddies
In India laughter clubs are held every day thereby helping people to reap enormous health benefits as they laugh regularly. But, in the Western countries laughter clubs happen just once a week leaving many wanting for more. Realizing their need for daily laughter, I devised certain techniques and exercises that would help people to laugh all by themselves.
The new concept of Laughter Yoga Alone is inspirational for those wanting to laugh daily and experience the healing power of laughter for both mental and physical wellness. It is especially beneficial for the old and the disabled and for those who find it difficult to go to a laughter club on a daily basis.

It will also help to generate more awareness about the clubs and the tremendous heath benefits of laughter as an exercise. It will encourage more and more people to join the clubs and practice these exercises for good health and well being.
In my search for different techniques to laugh alone at home, one of the most ingenious was to have ‘Laughter Buddies’ on the phone. It all started last year when Jackie Curran, a laughter teacher from Sydney, formed a telephone buddy with whom she laughed once every week. She found it extremely uplifting and energizing. The concept proved to be very beneficial as laughter leaders all over the world picked up this practice.

The American Breakthrough
I was pleasantly surprised when our laughter leader Gaga from California started a telephone conference laughter session called a ‘Bridge line’, with nearly 20 - 30 people laughing every day at 9 a.m. California time for 20 minutes.
The experience was similar to being in a Laughter club. It caught on rapidly and they now have four laughter lines at 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Wow!! Very good very good Yeah!!!!
Anyone interested in joining the Telephone Laughter Club please call 712-432-3900Access code is 6071292#

The Australian Laughter line
Inspired by the American success story Jackie, the laughter lawyer from Sydney wasted no time in setting up the first Australian Telephone Conference Laughter Club every Monday at 6 pm.
For joining the Australian Telephone Laughter Clubs please write to 180069266 and the access code is 6136488.
(They may ask you for your company’s name but you are required to only give your name)
Thank you both Jackie and Gaga and other laughter professors of California. You have created history and shown a new direction to get more and more people laughing on a regular basis. This will help to generate more awareness about the benefits of laughter.
We want more and more readers to take the initiative to start with these telephone laughter clubs in other parts of the world. Is anybody listening?
Ha hah ah good luck.