Friday, April 18, 2008

live LAUGH to the fullest!!!

Hello Laughter Lovers!

I start this blog with a wide smile :) :) :)

I am happy to share with you the joy of laughing. Ha ha haaa, it´s so nice to express your Laughter as a expression of love and gratitude to life.

Surround yourself with silence, leave your thoughts fly away like a calm white cloud... now rise the right corner of your mouth...all are smiling! Then, you sigh deeply, because you really love life. Sigh again, and again, short and fast sighs that leads you to laugh as a heavenly delight. Feel the vibration of Laughter in your tummy. Feel the energy that purifies, strengthens and balances your body and mind. have been born to enjoy and live LAUGH to the fullest. There are fireworks of endorphins inside you. A soul in fiesta!

Welcome hahaFriends wherever you be, remember that we have been born to celebrate life and Laughter is the best friend you have in your way.


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