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11 Refreshing Ways to Find Your Own Sanctuary

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This is Part II of an ongoing series - Find your own sanctuary.

Find your own Sanctuary Part 1 - With Nature focussed on spending time in nature, absorbing the beauty, the stillness, the calmness, the sounds at different times of the day to relax and rejuvenate.

Find your own sanctuary II is all about getting refreshed and re-energized in totally unexpected ways. Unexpected because we have not really seen them as a possible refreshment option. Unexpected because inspite of knowing that they work, we sometimes forget about them and lose out on some simple refreshment options.

11 Refreshing Ways to Find Your Own Sanctuary

1. Have fun with water.Splash water on your face, take a bath or shower to relieve tension, go for a swim, play with kids in water.

2. Use laughter therapy. Laugh and smile. Read comic books, watch your favourite comedy re-runs, share a joke, tickle your spouse.

3. Bring out the chef in you. Use food therapy. Not by eating - but by cooking. Treat your spouse with a day off. Use variety of vegetables, add a dash of spices, savour the flavour. Be creative. Create a recipe of your own.

4. Bring out those dusty photo albums. Get those photo albums, videos and letters. Go through them. Share your stories, pass comments and have a blast with your family along the way.

5. Meet the kid in you. Each of us is a kid at heart. Be that kid. Go to garden and swing, pick up your favourite sports and play to your hearts fill, forget about everything other than playing and having fun. Laugh, giggle and be silly.

6. Exercise. Put on your running shoes and go for a sprint, go to gym and work out for a while, take a yoga class, aerobic class - use your body in some form and exert it a bit. Give mind some rest.

7. Catch up with song, dance and movies. Listen to music, humm a song, dance to your favourite numbers. Catch up with your favourite movies and quote all dialogues as you know them by heart.

8. Be a friend. Call up good old friends and catch up with them, chat with your neighbours and be friend them, meet up with friends and spend time together.

9. Spend time with family. Take your spouse on a date, have a long walk and long long conversations. Take kids to parks and play with them. Spend time at home with family.

10. Take a break from technology. Unplug your phone, have a laptop/internet free day. Spend some time with yourself. Spoil yourself, treat yourself, pamper yourself.

11. Do something you really enjoy. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing the most? Go to sleep, read a book, play a game, go golfing, sking, dancing, cooking, trekking … do whatever you enjoy the most. Re-connect with your hobbies. Do something you really enjoy.

Stay tuned for Find your own sanctuary III - Within
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